Job 35
Elihu Continues: I Will Answer You and Your Friends, Job
1 Elihu continued to speak ⌊to Job and his friends⌋,
2 “Do you think this is right
when you say, ‘My case is more just than God’s,’
3 when you ask, ‘What benefit is it to you?’
and, ‘What would I gain by sinning?’
4 I will answer you and your friends.
Human Behavior Cannot Change God
5 “Look at the heavens and see.
Observe the clouds high above you.
6 If you’ve sinned, what effect can you have on God?
If you’ve done many wrongs, what can you do to him?
7 If you’re righteous, what can you give him,
or what can he get from you?
8 Your wickedness affects only someone like yourself.
Your righteousness affects only the descendants of Adam.
9 The weight of oppression makes them cry out.
The power of mighty people makes them call for help.
10 But no one asks,
‘Where is God, my Creator,
who inspires songs in the night,
11 who teaches us more than he teaches the animals of the earth,
who makes us wiser than the birds in the sky?’
12 Then they cry out, but he doesn’t answer them
because of the arrogance of ⌊those⌋ evil people.
13 “Surely, God doesn’t listen to idle complaints.
The Almighty doesn’t even pay attention to them.
14 Although you say that you pay attention to him,
your case is in front of him, but you’ll have to wait for him.
15 And now ⌊you say⌋ that his anger doesn’t punish ⌊anyone⌋
and he isn’t too concerned about evil.#Hebrew meaning of this verse uncertain.
16 Job opens his mouth for no good reason
and talks a lot without having any knowledge.”
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