The Book of Tobit originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic, is a story which tells of miraculous help to God's faithful people and teaches Jewish piety and morality. The book offers a vivid picture of Jewish religion and culture in the period prior to the New Testament.
Outline of Contents
Tobit in Nineveh and Sarah in Media suffer and pray (1.1—3.15)
Their prayers are answered (3.16—11.18)
a. In answer to their prayers God sends the angel Raphael (3.16-17)
b. Tobit gives advice to his son, Tobias (4.1-21)
c. Raphael travels with Tobias to Media (5.1—7.12)
d. Tobias marries Sarah (7.13—9.6)
e. Raphael returns with Tobias and Sarah, and cures Tobit's blindness (10.1—11.18)
The angel Raphael reveals who he is (12.1-22)
Tobit praises God and gives advice to Tobias (13.1—14.15)
This book, set in the period after the exile, weaves together the stories of two Jewish people who faced difficult circumstances. Tobit was a pious man who became blind and could not work to support himself. Sarah was a young woman who had married seven times. On her wedding nights, each of her husbands was killed by a demon. Tobit tells how God heard the prayers of these two faithful Jews and used Tobit's son (Tobias), an angel, and a fish to solve their problems.