Psalm 8
God's Glory and Human Dignity#HEBREW TITLE: A psalm by David.
1O Lord, our Lord,
your greatness is seen in all the world!
Your praise reaches up to the heavens;
2 # Mt 21.16 it is sung by children and babies.
You are safe and secure from all your enemies;
you stop anyone who opposes you.
3When I look at the sky, which you have made,
at the moon and the stars, which you set in their places—
4 # Job 7.17,18; Ps 144.3; He 2.6-8 what are human beings, that you think of them;
mere mortals, that you care for them?
5 # Ws 2.23; Si 17.1-4 Yet you made them inferior only to yourself;#8.5: yourself; or the gods, or the angels.
you crowned them with glory and honor.
6 # 1 Co 15.27; Eph 1.22; He 2.8 You appointed them rulers over everything you made;
you placed them over all creation:
7sheep and cattle, and the wild animals too;
8the birds and the fish
and the creatures in the seas.
9O Lord, our Lord,
your greatness is seen in all the world!

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