The book of Proverbs is a collection of moral and religious teachings in the form of sayings and proverbs. Much of it has to do with practical, everyday concerns. It begins with the reminder that “To have knowledge, you must first have reverence for the Lord,” and then goes on to deal with matters not only of religious morality, but also of common sense and good manners. Its many short sayings reveal the insights of ancient Israelite teachers about what a wise person will do in certain situations. Some of these concern family relations, others, business dealings. Some deal with matters of etiquette in social relationships, and others with the need of self-control. Much is said about such qualities as humility, patience, respect for the poor, and loyalty to friends.
Outline of Contents
In praise of wisdom (1.1—9.18)
The proverbs of Solomon (10.1—29.27)
The words of Agur (30.1-33)
Various sayings (31.1-31)