The prophet Zephaniah preached in the latter part of the seventh century b.c., probably in the decade before King Josiah's religious reforms of 621 b.c. The book contains the familiar prophetic themes: A day of doom and destruction is threatened, when Judah will be punished for her worship of other gods. The Lord will punish other nations also. Although Jerusalem is doomed, in time the city will be restored, with a humble and righteous people living there.
Outline of Contents
The day of the Lord's judgment (1.1—2.3)
The doom of Israel's neighbors (2.4-15)
Jerusalem's doom and redemption (3.1-20)
Zephaniah announced “the day of the Lord,” a time when God would bring judgment on Judah and the other nations surrounding it. This coming day would be one of doom for many, but those from Israel and Judah who remain humble and faithful would survive to bless the whole world.