The Book of Zechariah has two distinct parts: 1) Chapters 1–8 Prophecies from the prophet Zechariah, dated at various times in the years from 520 to 518 b.c. These are largely in the form of visions, and deal with the restoration of Jerusalem, the rebuilding of the Temple, the purification of God's people, and the messianic age to come. 2) Chapters 9–14 A collection of messages about the expected Messiah and the final judgment.
Outline of Contents
Messages of warning and hope (1.1—8.23)
Judgment on Israel's neighbors (9.1-8)
Future prosperity and peace (9.9—14.21)
Like Haggai, Zechariah urged the people to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, assuring them of God's help and blessings. Like Ezekiel, Zechariah received many of his messages in the form of highly symbolic visions. Although he warns that God will punish Judah along with the nearby nations for their sins, he also announces that God will provide the people with a king and establish peace among the nations.