The Song of Songs is a series of love poems, for the most part in the form of songs addressed by a man to a woman, and by the woman to the man. In some translations, the book is called The Song of Solomon because it is attributed to Solomon in the Hebrew title.
These songs have often been interpreted by Jews as a picture of the relationship between God and his people, and by Christians as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church.
Outline of Contents
First Song (1.1—2.7)
Second Song (2.8—3.5)
Third Song (3.6—5.1)
Fourth Song (5.2—6.3)
Fifth Song (6.4—8.4)
Sixth Song (8.5-14)
Song of Songs
This book is a collection of poems in which a man and a woman describe the joy and ecstasy of their love for one another. It has been understood both as a picture of God's love for Israel and of Christ's love for the Church.