Psalm 87
In Praise of Jerusalem#HEBREW TITLE: A psalm by the clan of Korah; a song.
1The Lord built his city on the sacred hill;#87.1: sacred hill: See 2.6.
2more than any other place in Israel
he loves the city of Jerusalem.
3Listen, city of God,
to the wonderful things he says about you:
4“I will include Egypt and Babylonia
when I list the nations that obey me;
the people of Philistia, Tyre, and Ethiopia#87.4: Hebrew Cush: Cush is the ancient name of the extensive territory south of the First Cataract of the Nile River. This region was called Ethiopia in Graeco-Roman time, and included within its borders most of modern Sudan and some of present-day Ethiopia (Abyssinia).
I will number among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.”
5Of Zion it will be said
that all nations belong there
and that the Almighty will make her strong.
6The Lord will write a list of the peoples
and include them all as citizens of Jerusalem.
7They dance and sing,
“In Zion is the source of all our blessings.”

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