The Gospel according to Mark begins with the statement that it is “the Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Jesus is pictured as a man of action and authority. His authority is seen in his teaching, in his power over demons, and in forgiving people's sins. Jesus speaks of himself as the Son of Man, who came to give his life to set people free from sin.
Mark presents the story of Jesus in a straightforward, vigorous way, with emphasis on what Jesus did, rather than on his words and teachings. After a brief prologue about John the Baptist and the baptism and temptation of Jesus, the writer immediately takes up Jesus' ministry of healing and teaching. As time goes on, the followers of Jesus come to understand him better, but Jesus' opponents become more hostile. The closing chapters report the events of Jesus' last week of earthly life, especially his crucifixion and resurrection.
The two endings to the Gospel, which are enclosed in brackets, are generally regarded as written by someone other than the author of Mark.
Outline of Contents
The beginning of the gospel (1.1-13)
Jesus' public ministry in Galilee (1.14—9.50)
From Galilee to Jerusalem (10.1-52)
The last week in and near Jerusalem (11.1—15.47)
The resurrection of Jesus (16.1-8)
The appearances and ascension of the risen Lord (16.9-20)