Little is known about the prophet Joel, and it is not clear just when he lived. But it seems likely that the book comes from the fifth or fourth century b.c., during the time of the Persian Empire. Joel describes a terrible invasion of locusts and a devastating drought in Palestine. In these events he sees a sign of the coming day of the Lord, a time when the Lord will punish those who oppose his righteous will. The prophet conveys the Lord's call to the people to repent, and his promise of restoration and blessing for his people. Noteworthy is the promise that God will send his Spirit upon all the people, men and women, young and old alike.
Outline of Contents
The plague of locusts (1.1—2.17)
Promise of restoration (2.18-27)
The day of the Lord (2.28—3.21)
This short book portrays Israel's enemies as a devastating swarm of locusts that invades and destroys the land. Joel tells of a day when all of Israel's enemies will be judged. Joel urges the people to turn from their sins so that they, too, won't be destroyed.