The Letter from James is a collection of practical instructions, written to “all God's people scattered over the whole world.” The writer uses many vivid figures of speech to present instructions regarding practical wisdom and guidance for Christian attitudes and conduct. From the Christian perspective he deals with a variety of topics such as riches and poverty, temptation, good conduct, prejudice, faith and actions, the use of the tongue, wisdom, quarreling, pride and humility, judging others, boasting, patience, and prayer.
The letter emphasizes the importance of actions along with faith, in the practice of the Christian religion.
Outline of Contents
Introduction (1.1)
Faith and wisdom (1.2-8)
Poverty and wealth (1.9-11)
Testing and tempting (1.12-18)
Hearing and doing (1.19-27)
Warning against discrimination (2.1-13)
Faith and works (2.14-26)
The Christian and his tongue (3.1-18)
The Christian and the world (4.1—5.6)
Various instructions (5.7-20)