Confusion over the expected return of Christ continued to cause disturbances in the church at Thessalonica. Paul's Second Letter to the Thessalonians deals with the belief that the day of the Lord's coming had already arrived. Paul corrects this idea, pointing out that before Christ returns, evil and wickedness will reach a climax under the leadership of a mysterious figure called “the Wicked One,” who would be opposed to Christ.
The apostle emphasizes the need for his readers to remain steady in their faith in spite of trouble and suffering, to work for a living as did Paul and his fellow workers, and to persevere in doing good.
Outline of Contents
Introduction (1.1-2)
Praise and commendation (1.3-12)
Instructions about the coming of Christ (2.1-17)
Exhortation to Christian conduct (3.1-15)
Conclusion (3.16-18)
2 Thessalonians
Second Thessalonians discusses many of the topics Paul addressed in 1 Thessalonians, such as the importance of being ready for the day when Christ will return.