Matthew 1

Matthew 1

Jedus Christ Kin People
Luke 3:23-38
1Dis yah de people wa dey write down say been kin ta Jedus Christ, fom way back ta Abraham time. Jedus come out fom King David fambly, an King David come out fom Abraham fambly.
2Abraham been de fada ob Isaac. Isaac been de fada ob Jacob. Jacob been de fada ob Judah an e broda dem. 3Judah been de fada ob Perez an Zerah, an dey modda been Tamar. Perez been de fada ob Hezron. Hezron been de fada ob Ram. 4Ram been de fada ob Amminadab. Amminadab been de fada ob Nahshon. Nahshon been de fada ob Salmon. 5Salmon been de fada ob Boaz, an e modda been Rahab. Boaz been de fada ob Obed, an e modda been Ruth. Obed been de fada ob Jesse.
6Jesse been de fada ob King David. David been de fada ob Solomon, an e modda been Uriah wife. 7Solomon been de fada ob Rehoboam. Rehoboam been de fada ob Abijah. Abijah been de fada ob Asa. 8Asa been de fada ob Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat been de fada ob Joram. Joram been de fada ob Uzziah. 9Uzziah been de fada ob Jotham. Jotham been de fada ob Ahaz. Ahaz been de fada ob Hezekiah. 10Hezekiah been de fada ob Manasseh. Manasseh been de fada ob Amon. Amon been de fada ob Josiah. 11Josiah been de fada ob Jechoniah an e broda dem. Dey been bon wen de people fom Babylon come een pon de Israel people an cyaa um off wid um ta Babylon an pit um een slabery.
12Atta dey enemy dem pit um een slabery an cyaa um off ta Babylon, Shealtiel been bon. Jechoniah been de fada ob Shealtiel. Shealtiel been de fada ob Zerubbabel. 13Zerubbabel been de fada ob Abiud. Abiud been de fada ob Eliakim. Eliakim been de fada ob Azor. 14Azor been de fada ob Zadok. Zadok been de fada ob Achim. Achim been de fada ob Eliud. 15Eliud been de fada ob Eleazar. Eleazar been de fada ob Matthan. Mattah been de fada ob Jacob. 16Jacob been de fada ob Joseph. Joseph been Mary husban, an Jedus, wa dey call Christ, been Mary son.
17So den, dey been foteen generation (fom granfada ta granchile) fom Abraham time ta King David time. An dey been foteen generation fom King David time ta de time wen de people fom Babylon pit um een slabery an cyaa um off ta Babylon. An dey been foteen generation fom den ta de time wen Jedus Christ bon.
Jedus Christ Bon
Luke 2:1-7
18Now dis yah wa happen wen Jedus Christ bon. Jedus modda Mary been gage fa marry Joseph. Bot, fo dey git marry an Joseph cyaa um fa lib wid um, dey find out dat Mary been speckin. An dat been de powa ob de Holy Sperit wa mek dat happen. 19Now Joseph wa been gage fa marry Mary, e been a man wa waak scraight wid God, an e ain been wahn fa see Mary come ta no open shame. So Joseph mek op e mind fa paat wid Mary an keep um hush op. 20E beena study haad bout wa e gwine do, wen de Lawd sen a angel ta um een a dream. De angel tell um say, “Joseph, ya wa come out fom King David fambly, mus dohn be scaid fa marry Mary. Cause de chile wa e speckin, dat wa de Holy Sperit mek happen. 21E gwine hab son, an ya mus gim de name Jedus, cause e gwine sabe e people fom dey sin.”
22Now all dis happen so dat wa de Lawd done tell de prophet say gwine happen, e happen fa true. E say, 23“One nyoung ooman dat ain neba know no man, e gwine be wid chile. E gwine hab son, an dey gwine call de chile Emmanuel.” (Dat mean fa say, God right yah wid we.)
24So wen Joseph wake op, e done wa de Lawd angel chaage um fa do. E gone an marry Mary. 25Bot Joseph neba tetch Mary til e done hab e son. An Joseph name de chile Jedus.
De Man Dem Fom de East Come fa Woshup Jedus

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