1 Chronicles 3
The Sons of David
(2 Samuel 3.2-5; 5.13-16; 1 Chronicles 14.3-7)
1Now these were the sons of David, which were born unto him in Hebron; the firstborn Amnon, of Ahin´o-am the Jez´reelitess: the second, Daniel, of Ab´igail the Car´melitess: 2the third, Ab´salom the son of Ma´achah the daughter of Tal´mai king of Geshur: the fourth, Adoni´jah the son of Haggith: 3the fifth, Shephati´ah of Abi´tal: the sixth, Ith´re-am by Eglah his wife. 4#2 Sam 5.4,5; 1 Kgs 2.11; 1 Chr 29.27. These six were born unto him in Hebron; and there he reigned seven years and six months: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years. 5#2 Sam 11.3. And these were born unto him in Jerusalem; Shim´e-a, and Shobab, and Nathan, and Solomon, four, of Bath–shu´a the daughter of Am´mi-el: 6Ibhar also, and Elish´ama, and Eliph´elet, 7and Nogah, and Nepheg, and Japhi´a, 8and Elish´ama, and Eli´ada, and Eliph´elet, nine. 9These were all the sons of David, besides the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister.
The Descendants of Solomon
10And Solomon's son was Rehobo´am, Abi´a his son, Asa his son, Jehosh´aphat his son, 11Joram his son, Ahazi´ah his son, Jo´ash his son, 12Amazi´ah his son, Azari´ah his son, Jotham his son, 13Ahaz his son, Hezeki´ah his son, Manas´seh his son, 14Amon his son, Josi´ah his son. 15And the sons of Josi´ah were, the firstborn Jo´hanan, the second Jehoi´akim, the third Zedeki´ah, the fourth Shallum. 16And the sons of Jehoi´akim; Jeconi´ah his son, Zedeki´ah his son. 17And the sons of Jeconi´ah; Assir, Sala´thi-el his son, 18Malchi´ram also, and Pedai´ah, and Shena´zar, Jecami´ah, Hosh´ama, and Nedabi´ah. 19And the sons of Pedai´ah were, Zerub´babel, and Shim´e-i: and the sons of Zerub´babel; Meshul´lam, and Hanani´ah, and Shelo´mith their sister: 20and Hashu´bah, and Ohel, and Berechi´ah, and Hasadi´ah, Jushab–he´sed, five. 21And the sons of Hanani´ah; Pelati´ah, and Jesai´ah: the sons of Rephai´ah, the sons of Arnan, the sons of Obadi´ah, the sons of Shechani´ah. 22And the sons of Shechani´ah; Shemai´ah: and the sons of Shemai´ah; Hattush, and Ig´e-al, and Bari´ah, and Ne-ari´ah, and Shaphat, six. 23And the sons of Ne-ari´ah; Eli-oe´nai, and Hezeki´ah, and Az´rikam, three. 24And the sons of Eli-oe´nai were, Hodai´ah, and Eli´ashib, and Pelai´ah, and Akkub, and Jo´hanan, and Dalai´ah, and Ana´ni, seven.

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