PSALM 70#A lament of a poor and afflicted person (Ps 70:6) who has no resource except God, and who cries out to be saved from the enemy. The Psalm is almost identical to Ps 40:14–17.
Prayer for Divine Help
1For the leader; of David. For remembrance.
2Graciously rescue me, God!#a. [70:2–6] Ps 40:14–18.
Come quickly to help me, Lord!#b. [70:2] Ps 71:12.
3Let those who seek my life
be confused and put to shame.#c. [70:3] Ps 35:4, 26.
Let those who desire my ruin
turn back in disgrace.
4Let those who say “Aha!”#d. [70:4] Ps 35:21, 25.
turn back in their shame.
5But may all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you,
Those who long for your help
always say, “God be glorified!”#e. [70:5] Ps 35:27.
6I am miserable and poor.
God, come to me quickly!
You are my help and deliverer.
Lord, do not delay!