Psalms 64
Treacherous Conspirators Punished by God
1For the leader. A psalm of David.
2O God, hear my anguished voice;
from a dreadful foe protect my life.
3Hide me from the malicious crowd,
the mob of evildoers.
4They sharpen their tongues like swords,
bend their bows of poison words.#Ps 11:2; 37:14; 55:22; 57:5.
5They shoot at the innocent from ambush,
they shoot him in a moment and do not fear.
6They resolve on their wicked plan;
they conspire to set snares;
they say: “Who will see us?”
7They devise wicked schemes,
conceal the schemes they devise;
the designs of their hearts are hidden.#Ps 140:3; Prv 6:14.
8God shoots an arrow at them;
in a moment they are struck down.#Ps 7:13–14; 38:3; Dt 32:42.
9They are brought down by their own tongues;
all who see them flee.#Ps 5:11; 44:14; 52:6.
10Every person fears and proclaims God’s actions,
they ponder his deeds.
11The righteous rejoices and takes refuge in the Lord;
all the upright give praise.#Ps 36:8; 57:2.

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