PSALM 149#A hymn inviting the people of Israel to celebrate their God in song and festive dance (Ps 149:1–3, 5) because God has chosen them and given them victory (Ps 149:4). The exodus and conquest are the defining acts of Israel; the people must be ready to do again those acts in the future at the divine command (Ps 149:6–9).
Praise God with Song and Sword
Sing to the Lord a new song,
his praise in the assembly of the faithful.#a. [149:1] Ps 22:23; 26:12; 35:18; 40:10; Jdt 16:1.
2Let Israel be glad in its maker,
the people of Zion rejoice in their king.
3Let them praise his name in dance,
make music with tambourine and lyre.#Make music with tambourine and lyre: the verse recalls the great exodus hymn of Ex 15:20.#b. [149:3] Ps 68:26; 81:2–3; 87:7; 150:3–4.
4For the Lord takes delight in his people,
honors the poor with victory.
5Let the faithful rejoice in their glory,
cry out for joy on their couches,#On their couches: the people reclined to banquet.
6With the praise of God in their mouths,
and a two-edged sword in their hands,#c. [149:6] Neh 4:10–12; 2 Mc 15:27.
7To bring retribution on the nations,
punishment on the peoples,#d. [149:7] Wis 3:8.
8To bind their kings in shackles,
their nobles in chains of iron,
9To execute the judgments decreed for them—
such is the glory#The glory: what brings honor to the people is their readiness to carry out the divine will, here conceived as punishing injustice done by the nations. of all God’s faithful.