PSALM 112#An acrostic poem detailing the blessings received by those who remain close to God by obedience to the commandments. Among their blessings are children (Ps 112:2), wealth that enables them to be magnanimous (Ps 112:3, 5, 9), and virtue by which they encourage others (Ps 112:4). The just person is an affront to the wicked, whose hopes remain unfulfilled (Ps 112:10). The logic resembles Ps 1; 111.
The Blessings of the Just
Blessed the man who fears the Lord,
who greatly delights in his commands.#a. [112:1] Ps 1:1–2; 119:1–2; 128:1.
2His descendants shall be mighty in the land,
a generation of the upright will be blessed.
3Wealth and riches shall be in his house;
his righteousness#Righteousness: in the Second Temple period the word acquired the nuance of liberality and almsgiving, cf. Sir 3:30; 7:10; Mt 6:1–4. shall endure forever.
4Light shines through the darkness for the upright;#b. [112:4] Ps 37:6; 97:11; Prv 13:9; Is 58:10.
gracious, compassionate, and righteous.
5It is good for the man gracious in lending,
who conducts his affairs with justice.
6For he shall never be shaken;
the righteous shall be remembered forever.#c. [112:6] Prv 10:7; Wis 8:13.
7He shall not fear an ill report;
his heart is steadfast, trusting the Lord.
8His heart is tranquil, without fear,
till at last he looks down on his foes.
9Lavishly he gives to the poor;
his righteousness shall endure forever;#d. [112:9] Prv 22:9; 2 Cor 9:9.
his horn#His horn: the symbol for vitality and honor. shall be exalted in honor.
10The wicked sees and is angry;
gnashes his teeth and wastes away;
the desire of the wicked come to nothing.