Psalms 54
A Prayer for Protection from Enemies#Ps 54 hebrew title: A poem by David, after the men from Ziph went to Saul and told him that David was hiding in their territory.#1 Sam 23.19, 26.1
1Save me by your power, O God;
set me free by your might!
2Hear my prayer, O God;
listen to my words!
3Proud men are coming to attack me;
cruel men are trying to kill me —
men who do not care about God.
4But God is my helper.
The Lord is my defender.
5May God use their own evil to punish my enemies.
He will destroy them because he is faithful.
6I will gladly offer you a sacrifice, O LORD;
I will give you thanks
because you are good.
7You have rescued me from all my troubles,
and I have seen my enemies defeated.

Good News Bible with Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha. Scripture taken from the Good News Bible (r) (Today's English Version Second Edition, UK/British Edition). Copyright © 1992 British & Foreign Bible Society. Used by permission.

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