Military and Civil Organization
1This is the list of the Israelite heads of families and clan leaders and their officials who administered the work of the kingdom. Each month of the year a different group of 24,000 men was on duty under the commander for that month.
2-15The following were the commanders for each month:
First month: Jashobeam son of Zabdiel (he was a member of the clan of Perez, a part of the tribe of Judah)
Second month: Dodai, a descendant of Ahohi (Mikloth was his second in command)#27.2–15 Probable text Mikloth… command; Hebrew unclear.
Third month: Benaiah son of Jehoiada the priest; he was the leader of “The Thirty” (his son Amizzabad succeeded him as commander of this group)
Fourth month: Asahel, brother of Joab (his son Zebadiah succeeded him)
Fifth month: Shamhuth, a descendant of Izhar
Sixth month: Ira son of Ikkesh from Tekoa
Seventh month: Helez, an Ephraimite from Pelon
Eighth month: Sibbecai from Hushah (he was a member of the clan of Zerah, a part of the tribe of Judah)
Ninth month: Abiezer from Anathoth in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin
Tenth month: Maharai from Netophah (he was a member of the clan of Zerah)
Eleventh month: Benaiah from Pirathon in the territory of the tribe of Ephraim
Twelfth month: Heldai from Netophah (he was a descendant of Othniel)
Administration of the Tribes of Israel
16-22This is the list of the administrators of the tribes of Israel:
Tribe Administrator
Reuben Eliezer son of Zichri
Simeon Shephatiah son of Maacah
Levi Hashabiah son of Kemuel
Aaron Zadok
Judah Elihu, one of King David's brothers
Issachar Omri son of Michael
Zebulun Ishmaiah son of Obadiah
Naphtali Jeremoth son of Azriel
Ephraim Hoshea son of Azaziah
West Manasseh Joel son of Pedaiah
East Manasseh Iddo son of Zechariah
Benjamin Jaasiel son of Abner
Dan Azarel son of Jeroham
23 # Gen 15.5; 22.17; 26.4 King David did not take a census of the people who were under the age of twenty, because of the LORD's promise to make the people of Israel as numerous as the stars in the sky. 24#2 Sam 24.1–15; 1 Chr 21.1–14Joab, whose mother was Zeruiah, began to take a census, but he did not complete it. God punished Israel because of this census, so the final figures were never recorded in King David's official records.
Administrators of the Royal Property
25-31This is the list of those who administered the royal property:
Royal storerooms: Azmaveth son of Adiel
Local storerooms: Jonathan son of Uzziah
Farm labour: Ezri son of Chelub
Vineyards: Shimei from Ramah
Wine cellars: Zabdi from Shepham
Olives and sycomore trees (in the western foothills): Baal Hanan from Geder
Olive oil storage: Joash
Cattle in the Plain of Sharon: Shirtai from Sharon
Cattle in the valleys: Shaphat son of Adlai
Camels: Obil, an Ishmaelite
Donkeys: Jehdeiah from Meronoth
Sheep and goats: Jaziz, a Hagrite
David's Personal Advisers
32Jonathan, King David's uncle, was a skilful adviser and a scholar. He and Jehiel son of Hachmoni were in charge of the education of the king's sons. 33Ahithophel was adviser to the king, and Hushai the Archite was the king's friend and counsellor. 34After Ahithophel died, Abiathar and Jehoiada son of Benaiah became advisers. Joab was commander of the royal army.