Job 29:9-20

Job 29:9-20 ERV

The leaders of the people stopped talking and put their hands over their mouths. Even the most important leaders were quiet, as if their tongues were stuck to the roof of their mouths. All who heard me said good things about me. Those who saw what I did praised me, because I helped the poor when they cried out. I helped the orphans who had no one to care for them. People who were dying asked God to bless me. My help brought joy to widows in need. Right living was my clothing. Fairness was my robe and turban. I was like eyes for the blind, like feet for the crippled. I was like a father to the poor. I helped people I didn’t even know win their case in court. I stopped evil people from abusing their power and saved innocent people from them. “I always thought I would live a long life, growing old with my family around me. I was like a healthy plant with roots that have plenty of water and branches that are wet with dew. I thought each new day would bring more honor and be full of new possibilities.
ERV: Holy Bible: Easy-to-Read Version

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