Psalms 92
A song of praise for the Sabbath.
1It is good to praise the Lord.
God Most High, it is good to praise your name.
2It is good to sing about your love in the morning
and about your faithfulness at night.
3It is good to play for you on the ten-stringed instrument and lyre
and to add the soft sounds of the harp to my praise.
4Lord, you make us very happy because of what you did.
I gladly sing about it.
5Lord, you did such great things.
Your thoughts are too hard for us to understand.
6Stupid people don’t know this.
Fools don’t understand.
7The wicked may sprout like grass,
and those who do evil may blossom like flowers,
but they will be destroyed, never to be seen again.
8But, Lord, you will be honored forever.
9Lord, all your enemies will be destroyed,
and all who do evil will be scattered.
10But you have made me as strong as a wild ox.
You have given me your blessing.#92:10 You … blessing Or “You poured your refreshing oil over me.”
11My eyes will see the defeat of those waiting to attack me.
My ears will hear the cries of my evil enemies.
12Good people are like budding palm trees.
They grow strong like the cedar trees of Lebanon.
13They are planted in the house#92:13 house Or “Temple.” See “Temple” in the Word List. of the Lord.
They grow strong there in the courtyards of our God.
14Even when they are old,
they will continue producing fruit like young, healthy trees.
15They are there to show everyone that the Lord is good.#92:15 good This is a wordplay. The Hebrew word means “straight” (like the trees) and “good” or “honest.”
He is my Rock, and he does no wrong.#92:15 he … wrong Or “there is no crookedness in him.”
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