Psalms 76

Psalms 76

To the director: With instruments. One of Asaph’s songs of praise.
1People in Judah know God.
People in Israel respect his name.
2His Temple is in Salem.#76:2 Salem Another name for Jerusalem. This name means “Peace.”
His house is on Mount Zion.
3There he shattered the arrows,
shields, swords, and other weapons of war. Selah
4God, you are glorious coming back
from the hills where you defeated your enemies.
5They thought they were strong, but now they lie dead in the fields.
Their bodies are stripped of all they owned.
They could not defend themselves.#76:5 They … themselves Literally, “The warriors could not find their hands.”
6The God of Jacob shouted at them,
and their army of chariots and horses fell dead.
7God, you are awesome!
No one can stand against you when you are angry.
8-9You stood as judge and announced your decision.
You saved the humble people of the land.
From heaven you gave the decision,
and the whole earth was silent and afraid.
10Even human anger can bring you honor
when you use it to punish your enemies.#76:7-10 The Hebrew text here is hard to understand.
11People, you made promises to the Lord your God.
Now give him what you promised.
People everywhere fear and respect God,
and they will bring gifts to him.
12God defeats great leaders;
all the kings on earth fear him.
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