Psalms 75
To the director: To the tune “Don’t Destroy.” One of Asaph’s songs of praise.
1We praise you, God!
We praise you because you#75:1 you Literally, “your name.” are near to us.
We tell about the amazing things you have done.
2God says, “I have chosen a time for judgment,
and I will judge fairly.
3The earth and all its people may shake,
but I am the one who keeps it steady. Selah
4“To those who are proud I say, ‘Stop your boasting.’
I warn the wicked, ‘Don’t brag about how strong you are.
5Don’t be so sure that you will win.
Don’t boast that victory is yours!’”
6There is no power on earth
that can make a person important.#75:6 Literally, “Not from the east or the west and not from the desert mountains.”
7God is the judge.
He decides who will be important.
He lifts one person up and brings another down.
8The Lord has a cup in his hand.
It is filled with the poisoned wine of his anger.
He will pour out this wine,
and the wicked will drink it to the last drop.
9I will always tell people how great God is.
I will sing praise to the God of Jacob.
10God says, “I will take away any power the wicked have
and give it to those who are good.”
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