Psalms 73
Book 3
(Psalms 73-89)
Asaph’s song of praise.
1God is so good to Israel,
to those whose hearts are pure.
2But I almost slipped and lost my balance.
I almost fell into sin.
3I saw that wicked people were successful,
and I became jealous of those proud people.
4They are healthy.
They don’t have to struggle to survive.#73:4 Literally, “They have no bonds to their death.”
5They don’t suffer like the rest of us.
They don’t have troubles like other people.
6So they are proud and hateful.
This is as easy to see as the jewels and fancy clothes they wear.
7If they see something they like, they go and take it.
They do whatever they want.
8They make fun of others and say cruel things about them.
In their pride they make plans to hurt people.
9They think they are gods!
They think they are the rulers of the earth.
10 # 73:10 The Hebrew text here is hard to understand. Even God’s people turn to them
and do what they say.
11Those evil people say, “God does not know what we are doing!
God Most High does not know!”
12Those proud people are wicked,
but they are rich and getting richer.
13Clearly, then, I gain nothing by keeping my thoughts pure!
What good is it to keep myself from sin?
14God, I suffer all day long,
and you punish me every morning.
15I wanted to tell others these things,
but that would have made me a traitor to your people.
16I tried hard to understand all this,
but it was too hard for me.
17But then, God, I went to your Temple,
and I understood what will happen to the wicked.
18Clearly, you have put them in danger.
You make it easy for them to fall and be destroyed.
19Trouble can come suddenly,
and they will be ruined.
Terrible things can happen to them,
and they will be finished.
20Then they will be like a dream
that we forget when we wake up.
You will make them disappear
like the monsters in our dreams.
21-22I was so stupid.
I thought about such people and became upset.
God, I was upset and angry with you!
I acted like a senseless animal.
23But I am always with you.
You hold my hand.
24You lead me and give me good advice,
and later you will lead me to glory.#73:24 lead me to glory Or “receive me in honor.”
25In heaven, God, I have only you.
And if I am with you, what on earth could I want?
26Maybe my mind#73:26 mind Literally, “heart.” and body will become weak,
but God is my source of strength.#73:26 my … strength Literally, “the Rock of my heart.”
He is mine forever!
27God, people who leave you will be lost.
You will destroy all who are not faithful to you.
28As for me, all I need is to be close to God.
I have made the Lord GOD my place of safety.
And, God, I will tell about all that you have done.
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