To the director: A praise song of David.
1God in Zion, we praise you
and give you what we promised.
2Anyone can come to you,
and you will listen to their prayers.
3When our sins become too heavy for us,
you wipe them away.
4Oh, how wonderful it is to be the people you chose
to come and stay in your Temple.
And we are so happy to have the wonderful things
that are in your Temple, your holy palace.
5God, you answer our prayers and do what is right.
You do amazing things to save us.
People all over the world know they can trust in you,
even those who live across the sea.
6You made the mountains.
We see your power all around us.
7You can calm the roughest seas
or the nations raging around us.
8People all around the world are amazed at the wonderful things you do.
You make all people, east and west, sing with joy.
9You take care of the land.
You water it and make it fertile.
Your streams are always filled with water.
That’s how you make the crops grow.
10You pour rain on the plowed fields;
you soak the fields with water.
You make the ground soft with rain,
and you make the young plants grow.
11You start the new year with a good harvest.
You end the year with many crops.#65:11 In ancient Israel there were two calendars. The calendar for religious festivals began in the spring, at the barley harvest. The other calendar started in the fall, when they gathered other crops.
12The desert and hills are covered with grass.
13The pastures are covered with sheep.
The valleys are filled with grain.
Everything is singing and shouting for joy.