Psalms 61
To the director: With stringed instruments. A song of David.
1God, hear my cry for help.
Listen to my prayer.
2From a faraway land I call to you for help.
I feel so weak and helpless!
Carry me to a high rock
where no one can reach me.
3You are my place of safety,
a strong tower that protects me from my enemies.
4I want to live in your tent#61:4 tent The place where God lives among his people. Here, it is the Temple in Jerusalem. See “Holy Tent” and “Temple” in the Word List. forever.
I want to hide where you can protect me. Selah
5God, you heard what I promised to give you,
but everything your worshipers have comes from you.
6Give the king a long life.
Let him live forever!
7Let him rule in your presence forever.
Protect him with your faithful love.
8Then I will praise your name forever.
Every day I will do what I promised.
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