Psalms 59
To the director: To the tune “Don’t Destroy.” A miktam of David written when Saul sent people to watch David’s house to try to kill him.
1God, save me from my enemies.
Protect me from those who stand against me.
2Save me from those who do wrong.
Save me from those murderers.
3Look, powerful men are waiting for me.
Lord, they are waiting to kill me,
even though I did not sin or commit a crime.
4I have done nothing wrong, but they are rushing to attack me.
Come and see for yourself!
5You are the Lord God All-Powerful, the God of Israel!
Get up and punish them.
Don’t show any mercy to those traitors. Selah
6Those evil men are like dogs
that come into town in the evening,
growling and roaming the streets.
7Listen to their threats and insults.
They say such cruel things,
and they don’t care who hears them.
8Lord, laugh at them.
Make fun of them all.
9God, my strength, I look to you for help.#59:9 God … help Or “I will sing my songs of praise to you.” See Ps. 59:17.
You are my place of safety, high in the mountains.
10God loves me, and he will help me win.
He will help me defeat my enemies.
11Don’t just kill them, or my people might forget.
My Lord and Protector, scatter and defeat them with your strength.
12Those evil people curse and tell lies.
Punish them for what they said.
Let their pride trap them.
13Destroy them in your anger.
Destroy them completely!
Then people all over the world will know
that God rules over the people of Jacob. Selah
14Those evil men are like dogs
that come into town in the evening, growling and roaming the streets.
15They roam around looking for food,
but even if they eat their fill, they still growl and complain.
16But I will sing about your strength.
I will rejoice in your love every morning.
You have been my place of safety,
the place I can run to when troubles come.
17I will sing praises to you, my source of strength.
You, God, are my place of safety.
You are the God who loves me!
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