Psalms 44
To the director: A maskil from the Korah family.
1God, we have heard about you.
Our fathers told us what you did in their lifetime.
They told us what you did long ago.
2With your great power you took this land from other people,
and you gave it to us.
You crushed those foreigners
and forced them to leave this land.
3It was not our fathers’ swords that took the land.
It was not their strong arms that brought them victory.
It was your power.
It was because you accepted them and smiled down on them.
4God, you are my king.
Give the command and lead Jacob’s people to victory.
5We need your help to push our enemies back.
Only in your name can we trample those who attacked us.
6I don’t put my trust in my bow.
My sword cannot save me.
7You are the one who saved us from our enemies.
You are the one who put our enemies to shame.
8We have praised you all day long,
and we will praise your name forever. Selah
9But you left us and put us to shame.
You did not go with us into battle.
10You let our enemies push us back.
You let them take our wealth.
11You gave us away like sheep to be killed and eaten.
You scattered us among the nations.
12You sold your people for nothing.
You did not even argue over the price.
13You made us a joke to our neighbors.
They laugh and make fun of us.
14You made us one of the stories that people love to tell.
People all over the world laugh at us and shake their heads.
15All I can think about is my shame.
Just look at my face, and you will see it.
16All I can hear are the jokes and insults of my enemies,
as I watch them take their revenge.
17We have not forgotten you.
But you do all those things to us.
We did not break the agreement you gave us.
18We did not turn away from you.
We did not stop following you.
19But you crushed us in this home of jackals.
You left us in this place as dark as death.
20Did we forget the name of our God?
Did we pray to foreign gods?
21If we did, then God knows it,
because he knows our deepest secrets.
22All day long we died for you.
We are like sheep being led away to be killed.
23Lord, wake up!
Why are you sleeping?
Get up! Don’t ignore us forever!
24Why are you hiding from us?
Have you forgotten our pain and troubles?
25We have been pushed down into the dirt.
We are lying face down in the dust.#44:25 This shows that the people were being treated like slaves who must bow down to their masters.
26Get up and help us!
Rescue us because of your faithful love.
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