Psalms 39
To the director, Jeduthun.#Psalm 39 Jeduthun Or “and to Jeduthun,” one of the three main temple musicians. See 1 Chron. 9:16; 16:38-42. A song of David.
1I said, “I will be careful about what I say.
I will not let my tongue cause me to sin.
I will keep my mouth closed#39:1 will keep … closed Literally, “guard my mouth with a muzzle.”
when I am around wicked people.”
2So I didn’t say anything.
I didn’t even say anything good,
but I became even more upset.
3I was very angry,
and the more I thought about it, the angrier I became.
So I said something.
4Lord, tell me, what will happen to me now?
Tell me, how long will I live?
Let me know how short my life really is.
5You gave me only a short life.
Compared to you, my whole life is nothing.
The life of every human is like a cloud that quickly disappears. Selah
6Our life is like an image in a mirror.#39:6 Our life … mirror Or “This life is not real—it is only a shadow” or “People wander around in the dark—not knowing what will happen.”
We rush through life collecting things,
but we don’t know who will get them after we die.
7So, Lord, what hope do I have?
You are my hope!
8Save me from the bad things I did.
Don’t let me be treated like a fool.
9I will not open my mouth.
I will not say anything.
You did what should have been done.
10But please stop punishing me.
You will destroy me if you do not stop.
11You punish people for doing wrong to teach them the right way to live.
As a moth destroys cloth, you destroy what people love.
Yes, our lives are like a small cloud that quickly disappears. Selah
12Lord, hear my prayer!
Listen to the words I cry to you.
Look at my tears.
I am only a traveler passing through this life with you.
Like all my ancestors, I will live here only a short time.#39:12 I will live … time Literally, “I am a settler.”
13Leave me alone#39:13 Leave me alone Or “Stop looking at me.” and let me be happy
before I am dead and gone.
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