Psalms 38
A song of David for the day of remembrance.#Psalm 38 for … remembrance The ancient Greek version has “for the Sabbath.”
1Lord, don’t criticize me when you are angry.
Don’t discipline me in anger.
2You have hurt me.
You punished me and hurt me deeply.
3You punished me severely, so my whole body is sore.
I sinned, and now all my bones hurt.
4My guilt is like a heavy burden.
I am sinking beneath its weight.
5I did a foolish thing,
and now I have infected sores that stink.
6I am bent and bowed down.
I am depressed all day long.
7I am burning with fever,
and my whole body hurts.
8I hurt so much I cannot feel anything.
My pounding heart makes me scream!
9My Lord, you heard my groaning.
You can hear my sighs.
10My heart is pounding.
My strength is gone, and I am going blind.#38:10 I am going blind Or “My eyes have lost their sparkle.” Literally, “Even the light of my eyes is no longer with me.”
11Because of my sickness,
my friends and neighbors will not visit me;
my family will not come near me.
12My enemies say bad things about me.
They are spreading lies and rumors.
They talk about me all the time.
13But I am like a deaf man and cannot hear.
I am like someone who cannot speak.
14I am like those who cannot hear what people are saying about them.
I cannot answer to prove my enemies wrong.
15Lord, you must defend me.
Lord my God, you must speak for me.
16That’s why I prayed, “Don’t let my enemies smile at my pain.
Full of pride, they will laugh if I stumble and fall.”
17I know I am guilty of doing wrong.
I cannot forget my pain.
18Lord, I told you about the evil I have done.
I am sorry for my sin.
19But my enemies are alive and healthy,
and they have told many lies.
20I did nothing but good,
and they paid me back with evil.
I try to do what is right,
but that only makes them turn against me.
21Lord, don’t leave me.
My God, stay close to me.
22Come quickly and help me.
My Lord, you are the one who saves me.
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