Psalms 21
To the director: A song of David.
1Lord, your strength makes the king happy.
He is so happy when you give him victory.
2And you gave him what he wanted.
You gave him what he asked for. Selah
3You gave the king such wonderful blessings.
You put a golden crown on his head.
4He asked for life, and you gave it.
You gave him life that goes on forever.
5You led him to victory that brought him great glory.
You gave him honor and fame.
6You have given him blessings that will last forever.
You have given him the joy of being near you.
7The king trusts in the Lord,
and the faithful love of God Most High will keep him from falling.
8Lord, you will show all your enemies that you are strong.
Your power will defeat those who hate you.
9When you appear,
you will burn them up like a blazing furnace.
In your anger, Lord, you will completely destroy them;
they will be swallowed by flames of fire.#21:9 Or “You will make your king like a burning oven when you come to help him, Lord. And in his anger, he will completely destroy them.”
10Their families will be destroyed.
They will be removed from the earth.
11That is because they made evil plans against you.
They wanted to do things they could not do.
12You will make them turn and run away
when you aim your arrows at their faces.
13Lord, we lift you up with our songs of praise.
We sing and play songs about your power!
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