Psalms 20
To the director: A song of David.
1May the Lord answer you in times of trouble.
May the God of Jacob protect you.
2May he send you help from his Holy Place.
May he support you from Zion.
3May he remember all the gifts you have offered.
May he accept all your sacrifices. Selah
4May he give you what you really want.
May he make all your plans successful.
5We will celebrate when he helps you.
We will praise the name of God.
May the Lord give you everything you ask for.
6Now I know the Lord helps his chosen king.
From his holy heaven he answered.
With his great power he saved him.
7Some give the credit for victory to their chariots and soldiers,
but we honor the Lord our God.
8They fall in battle, totally defeated,
but we survive and stand strong!
9Lord, save the king!
Answer us when we call to you for help.
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