Psalms 149
1Praise the Lord!
Sing a new song#149:1 new song Whenever God did a new and wonderful thing for his people, they would write a new song about it. to the Lord!
Sing his praise in the assembly of his followers.
2Let Israel be happy with their Maker.
Let the people of Zion rejoice with their King.
3Let them praise him by dancing
and playing their tambourines and harps.
4The Lord is happy with his people.
He did a wonderful thing for his humble people.
He saved them!
5Let his followers rejoice in this victory!
Let them sing for joy, even in their beds!
6Let the people shout praise to God.
And with a sharp sword in their hand,
7let them take revenge on the other nations.
Let them go punish those people.
8They will put their kings in chains
and their leaders in chains of iron.
9They will punish those nations as God commanded.
This is an honor for all his followers.
Praise the Lord!
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