Psalms 140
To the director: A praise song of David.
1Lord, save me from people who are evil.
Protect me from those who are cruel,
2from those who plan to do evil
and always cause trouble.
3Their words are as harmful as the fangs of a snake,
as deadly as its venom. Selah
4Lord, save me from the wicked!
Protect me from these cruel people who plan to hurt me.
5These proud people are trying to trap me.
They spread nets to catch me;
they set traps in my path. Selah
6Lord, you are my God.
Lord, listen to my prayer.
7My Lord GOD, you are the powerful one who saves me.
You protect my head in battle.
8Lord, don’t let the wicked have what they want.
Don’t let their plans succeed. Selah
9My enemies are planning trouble for me.
Lord, make that trouble fall on them.
10Pour burning coals on their heads.
Throw them into the fire.
Throw them into pits they can never escape.
11Don’t let those cruel liars enjoy success here.
Let disaster hunt them down.
12I know the Lord will provide justice for the poor
and will defend the helpless.
13Those who do what is right will praise your name;
those who are honest will live in your presence.
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