Psalms 126
A song for going up to the Temple.
1It will be like a dream
when the Lord comes back with the captives of Zion.#126:1 when … Zion Or “when the Lord restores Zion.” See “Zion” in the Word List.
2We will laugh and sing happy songs!
Then the other nations will say,
“The Lord did a great thing for Zion!”
3Yes, we will be happy
because the Lord did a great thing for us.
4So, Lord, bring back the good times,
like a desert stream filled again with flowing water.
5Then those who were sad when they planted
will be happy when they gather the harvest!
6Those who cried as they carried the seeds#126:6 carried the seeds Or “carried all their possessions.”
will be happy when they bring in the crops!
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