Psalms 11
To the director: A song of David.
1I trust in the Lord, so why did you tell me to run and hide?
Why did you say, “Fly like a bird to your mountain?”
2Like hunters, the wicked hide in the dark.
They get their bows ready and aim their arrows.
They shoot at good, honest people.
3What would good people do
if the wicked destroyed all that is good?#11:3 Or “What if the foundations of society were really destroyed?”
4The Lord is in his holy temple.
The Lord sits on his throne in heaven.
He sees everything that happens.
He watches people closely.
5The Lord examines those who are good and those who are wicked;
he hates those who enjoy hurting others.
6He will make hot coals and burning sulfur fall like rain on the wicked.
They will get nothing but a hot, burning wind.
7The Lord always does what is right, and he loves seeing people do right.
Those who live good lives will be with him.#11:7 Those … him Literally, “They will see his face.”
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