Psalms 106
1Praise the Lord!
Give thanks to the Lord because he is good!
His faithful love will last forever!
2No one can describe how great the Lord really is.
No one can praise him enough.
3Those who obey his commands are happy.
They do good things all the time.
4Lord, remember me when you show kindness to your people.
Remember to save me too!
5Let me share in the good things
that you do for your chosen people.
Let me rejoice with your nation.
Let me join with your people in praise.
6We sinned just as our ancestors did.
We were wrong; we did bad things!
7Lord, our ancestors learned nothing
from the miracles you did in Egypt.
They forgot your kindness at the Red Sea
and rebelled against you.
8But the Lord saved our ancestors for the honor of his name.
He saved them to show his great power.
9He gave the command, and the Red Sea became dry.
He led them through the deep sea on land as dry as the desert.
10He saved our ancestors
and rescued them from their enemies.
11He covered their enemies with the sea.
Not one of them escaped!
12Then our ancestors believed what he had said.
They sang praises to him.
13But they quickly forgot about what he did.
They did not listen to his advice.
14They became hungry in the desert,
and they tested him in the wilderness.
15He gave them what they asked for,
but he also gave them a terrible disease.
16The people became jealous of Moses.
They became jealous of Aaron, the Lord’s holy priest.
17The ground opened up and swallowed Dathan.
Then the ground closed up and covered Abiram’s group.
18Then a fire burned that mob of people.
It burned those wicked people.
19The people made a golden calf at Mount Horeb.
They worshiped a statue!
20They traded their glorious God
for a statue of a grass-eating bull!
21They forgot all about God, the one who saved them,
the one who did the miracles in Egypt.
22He did amazing things there in Ham’s country#106:22 Ham’s country Or “Egypt.” The Egyptians were Ham’s descendants. See Gen. 10:6-20.!
He did awesome things at the Red Sea!
23God wanted to destroy those people,
but Moses, the leader he chose, stood in the way.
God was very angry, but Moses begged him to stop,
so God did not destroy the people.#106:23 Or “God said he would destroy them. But Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach and repelled his anger from destroying.” This compares Moses to a soldier standing at a break in a wall defending the city against enemy soldiers.
24But then they refused to go into the wonderful land of Canaan.
They did not believe that God would help them defeat the people there.
25Our ancestors complained in their tents
and refused to obey the Lord.
26So he swore that they would die
in the desert.
27He promised to scatter them among the nations
and to let other people defeat their descendants.
28At Baal Peor they joined in worshiping Baal
and ate sacrifices to honor the dead.#106:28 the dead This might refer to “lifeless gods” or to dead friends or relatives honored with meals eaten at their graves.
29The Lord became angry with his people,
so he made them sick.
30But Phinehas prayed#106:30 prayed Or “intervened,” or “judged.” Phinehas not only prayed to God, but he also did something to stop the people from doing these sins. See Num. 25:1-16. to God,
and God stopped the sickness.
31He considered what Phinehas did a good work,
and it will be remembered forever and ever.
32At Meribah the people made the Lord angry
and created trouble for Moses.
33They upset Moses,
and he spoke without stopping to think.
34The Lord told the people to destroy the other nations living in Canaan.
But the Israelites did not obey him.
35They mixed with the other people
and did what those people were doing.
36They began worshiping the false gods those people worshiped.
And their idols became a trap.
37They even offered their own children
as sacrifices to demons.
38They killed their innocent sons and daughters
and offered them to the false gods of Canaan.
So the land was polluted with the sin of murder.
39They were unfaithful to him,
and they became dirty with the sins of other nations.
40So the Lord became angry with his people.
He rejected those who belonged to him.
41He gave his people to other nations
and let their enemies rule over them.
42Their enemies controlled them
and made life hard for them.
43He saved his people many times,
but they turned against him and did what they wanted to do.
His people did many bad things.
44But whenever they were in trouble,
he listened to their prayers.
45He always remembered his agreement,
and because of his faithful love, he comforted them.
46Other nations took them as prisoners,
but the Lord caused them to be kind to his people.
47Lord our God, save us!
Bring us back together from those nations.
Then we will give thanks to your holy name
and joyfully praise you.
48Praise the Lord, the God of Israel!
He always was and will always be worthy of praise.
Let all the people say, “Amen!”
Praise the Lord!
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