A Prayer to the Lord
1Remember, Lord, what happened to us.
Look and see our shame.
2Our land has been turned over to strangers.
Our houses have been given to foreigners.
3We have become orphans.
We have no father.
Our mothers have become like widows.
4We have to buy the water that we drink.
We have to pay for the wood that we use.
5We are forced to wear a yoke on our necks.
We get tired, and we have no rest.
6We made an agreement with Egypt.
We also made an agreement with Assyria to get enough bread.
7Our ancestors sinned against you, and now they are dead.
And we are suffering because of their sins.
8Slaves have become our rulers.
No one can save us from them.
9We risk our lives to get food.
There are men in the desert with swords.
10Our skin is hot like an oven.
We have a high fever because of our hunger.
11The enemy raped the women of Zion.
They raped the women in the cities of Judah.
12The enemy hanged our princes.
They didn’t honor our elders.
13The enemy made our young men grind grain at the mill.
Our young men stumbled under loads of wood.
14The elders no longer sit at the gates of the city.
The young men no longer make music.
15We have no more joy in our hearts.
Our dancing has changed to crying for the dead.
16The crown has fallen from our head.
Things have gone bad for us because we sinned.
17For this reason, our hearts have become sick,
and our eyes cannot see clearly.
18Mount Zion is a wasteland.
Foxes run around on Mount Zion.
19But you rule forever, Lord.
Your kingly chair lasts forever and ever.
20You seem to have forgotten us forever.
You seem to have left us alone for such a long time.
21Bring us back to you, Lord.
We will gladly come back to you.
Make our lives as they were before.
22You were very angry with us.
Have you completely rejected us?