Hebrews 9:1-10

Hebrews 9:1-10 ERV

The first agreement had rules for worship and a place for worship here on earth. This place was inside a tent. The first area in the tent was called the Holy Place. In the Holy Place were the lamp and the table with the special bread offered to God. Behind the second curtain was a room called the Most Holy Place. In the Most Holy Place was a golden altar for burning incense. And also there was the Box of the Agreement. The Box was covered with gold. Inside this Box was a golden jar of manna and Aaron’s rod—the rod that once grew leaves. Also in the Box were the flat stones with the Ten Commandments of the old agreement on them. Above the Box were the Cherub angels that showed God’s glory. These Cherub angels were over the place of mercy. But we cannot say everything about this now. Everything in the tent was made ready in the way I have explained. Then the priests went into the first room every day to do their worship duties. But only the high priest could go into the second room, and he went in only once a year. Also, he could never enter that room without taking blood with him. He offered that blood to God for himself and for the sins the people committed without knowing they were sinning. The Holy Spirit uses those two separate rooms to teach us that the way into the Most Holy Place was not open while the first room was still there. This is an example for us today. It shows that the gifts and sacrifices the priests offer to God are not able to make the consciences of the worshipers completely clear. These gifts and sacrifices are only about food and drink and special washings. They are only rules about the body. God gave them for his people to follow until the time of his new way.
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