Proverbs 9
Wisdom Gives a Feast
1Wisdom has built her house
with its seven columns.
2She has prepared the meat
and set out the wine.
Her feast is ready.
3She has sent her servant women
to announce her invitation
from the highest hills:
4“Everyone who is ignorant
or foolish is invited!
5All of you are welcome
to my meat and wine.
6If you want to live,
give up your foolishness
and let understanding
guide your steps.”
True Wisdom
7Correct a worthless bragger,
and all you will get
are insults and injuries.
8Any bragger you correct
will only hate you.
But if you correct someone
who has common sense,
you will be loved.
9If you have good sense,
instruction will help you
to have even better sense.
And if you live right,
education will help you
to know even more.
10 # Job 28.28; Ps 111.10; Pr 1.7; 4 Macc 1.17. Respect and obey the Lord!
This is the beginning
of wisdom.#9.10 the beginning of wisdom: Or “what wisdom is all about.”
To have understanding,
you must know the Holy God.
11I am Wisdom. If you follow me,
you will live a long time.
12Good sense is good for you,
but if you brag,
you hurt yourself.
A Foolish Invitation
13Stupidity#9.13 Stupidity: Or “A foolish woman.” is reckless,
senseless, and foolish.
14She sits in front of her house
and on the highest hills
in the town.
15She shouts to everyone
who passes by,
16“If you are stupid,
come on inside!”
And to every fool she says,
17“Stolen water tastes best,
and the food you eat in secret
tastes best of all.”
18None who listen to Stupidity
understand that her guests
are as good as dead.

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