Job 5
Eliphaz Continues
Call Out for Help
1Job, call out for help
and see if an angel comes!
2Envy and jealousy
will kill a stupid fool.
3I have seen fools take root.
But God sends a curse,
suddenly uprooting them
4and leaving their children
helpless in court.
5Then hungry and greedy people
gobble up their crops
and grab their wealth.#5.5 wealth: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 5.
6Our suffering isn't caused
by the failure of crops;
7it's all part of life,
like sparks shooting skyward.
8Job, if I were you,
I would ask God for help.
9 # Si 43.32. His miracles are marvelous,
more than we can count.
10God sends showers on earth
and waters the fields.
11He protects the sorrowful
and lifts up those
who have been disgraced.
* 12God swiftly traps the wicked
13 # 1 Co 3.19. in their own evil schemes,
and their wisdom fails.
14Darkness is their only companion,
hiding their path at noon.
15God rescues the needy
from the words of the wicked
and the fist of the mighty.
16The poor are filled with hope,
and injustice is silenced.
Consider Yourself Fortunate
17 # Pr 3.11,12; He 12.5,6. Consider yourself fortunate
if God All-Powerful
chooses to correct you.
18 # Ho 6.1. He may cause injury and pain,
but he will bandage and heal
your cuts and bruises.
19God will protect you from harm,
no matter how often
trouble may strike.
20In times of war and famine,
God will keep you safe.
21You will be sheltered,
without fear of hurtful words
or any other weapon.
22You will laugh at the threat
of destruction and famine.
And you won't be afraid
of wild animals—
23they will no longer be fierce,
and your rocky fields
will become friendly.
24Your home will be secure,
and your sheep will be safe.
25You will have more descendants
than there are blades of grass
on the face of the earth.
26You will live a very long life,
and your body will be strong
until the day you die.
27Our experience has proven
these things to be true,
so listen and learn.

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