Isaiah 32
Justice Will Rule
1A king and his leaders
will rule with justice.
2They will be a place of safety
from stormy winds,
a stream in the desert,
and a rock that gives shade
from the heat of the sun.
3Then everyone who has eyes
will open them and see,
and those who have ears
will pay attention.
4All who are impatient
will take time to think;
everyone who stutters
will talk clearly.
5Fools will no longer
be highly respected,
and crooks won't be given
positions of honor.
6Fools talk foolishness.
They always make plans
to do sinful things,
to lie about the Lord,
to let the hungry starve,
and to keep water from those
who are thirsty.
7Cruel people tell lies—
they do evil things,
and make cruel plans
to destroy the poor and needy,
even when they beg
for justice.
8But helpful people
can always be trusted
to make helpful plans.
Punishment for the Women of Jerusalem
9Listen to what I say,
you women who are carefree
and careless!
10You may not have worries now,
but in about a year,
the grape harvest will fail,
and you will tremble.
11Shake and shudder,
you women without a care!
Strip off your clothes—
put on sackcloth.
12Slap your breasts in sorrow
because of what happened
to the fruitful fields
and vineyards,
13and to the happy homes
in Jerusalem.
The land of my people
is covered with thorns.
14The palace will be deserted,
the crowded city empty.
Fortresses and towers
will forever become
playgrounds for wild donkeys
and pastures for sheep.
God's Spirit Makes the Difference
15When the Spirit is given to us
from heaven,
deserts will become orchards
thick as fertile forests.
16Honesty and justice
will prosper there,
17and justice will produce
lasting peace and security.
18You, the Lord's people,
will live in peace,
calm and secure,
19even if hailstones flatten
forests and cities.
20You will have God's blessing,
as you plant your crops
beside streams,
while your donkeys and cattle
roam freely about.

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