Ecclesiastes 5:10-16

Ecclesiastes 5:10-16 CEB

The money lover isn’t satisfied with money; neither is the lover of wealth satisfied with income. This too is pointless. When good things flow, so do those who consume them. But what do owners benefit from such goods, except to feast their eyes on them? Sweet is the worker’s sleep, whether there’s a lot or little to eat; but the excess of the wealthy won’t let them sleep. I have seen a sickening tragedy under the sun: people hoard their wealth to their own detriment. Then that wealth is lost in a bad business venture so that when they have children, they are left with nothing. Just as they came from their mother’s womb naked, naked they’ll return, ending up just like they started. All their hard work produces nothing—nothing they can take with them. This too is a sickening tragedy: they must pass on just as they arrived. What then do they gain from working so hard for wind?
CEB: Common English Bible