Zechariah 2

Zechariah 2

Third night vision
1 # 2.1 2:5 in Heb Then I looked up and saw a man.
In his hand was a measuring line.
2I said, “Where are you going?”
He said to me,
“To measure Jerusalem to see how wide and long it will be.”
3As I watched, the messenger speaking with me went ahead and another messenger came to meet him.
4He said to him,
“Run! Say to this young man:
Jerusalem will be inhabited like open fields
because of the throngs of people and cattle inside it.
5But I will be a wall of fire around it, says the LORD,
and I will be glorious inside it.
6Look out; look out! Flee from the land of the north, says the LORD,
for I will scatter you like the four winds of heaven, says the LORD.
7Look out, Zion.
Flee, you who dwell with Daughter Babylon!
8The LORD of heavenly forces proclaims (after his glory sent me)#2.8 Heb uncertain
concerning the nations plundering you:
Those who strike you strike the pupil of my eye.
9But look, I am about to raise my hand against them;
they will become prey to their own slaves,
so you will know that the LORD of heavenly forces sent me.
10Rejoice and be glad, Daughter Zion,
because I am about to come and dwell among you, says the LORD.
11Many nations will be joined to the LORD on that day.
They will become my people,
and I will dwell among you
so you will know that the LORD of heavenly forces sent me to you.”
12The LORD will possess Judah as his inheritance upon the holy land;
he will again choose Jerusalem.
13Be silent, everyone, in the LORD’s
presence, because he has moved from his holy habitation!

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