In praise of her
1Look at you—so beautiful, my dearest!
Look at you—so beautiful! Your eyes are doves
behind the veil of your hair!
Your hair is like a flock of goats
as they stream down Mount Gilead.
2Your teeth are like newly shorn ewes
as they come up from the washing pool—
all of them perfectly matched,
not one of them lacks its twin.
3Like a crimson ribbon are your lips;
when you smile, it is lovely.
Like a slice of pomegranate is the curve of your face
behind the veil of your hair.
4Like David’s tower is your neck,
splendidly built!
A thousand shields are hung upon it—
all the weapons of the warriors.
5Your two breasts are like two fawns,
twins of a gazelle doe,
that graze among the lilies.
6Before the day breeze blows
and the shadows flee,
I will be off to the mountain of myrrh,
to the hill of frankincense.
7You are utterly beautiful, my dearest;
there’s not a single flaw in you.
Garden of delight
8Come down with me from Lebanon, my bride—
if only you would come down with me from Lebanon.
Descend from the peak of Amana,
from the peaks of Senir and Hermon,
from the lions’ dens,
from the mountain lairs of leopards.
9You have captured my heart, my sister,#Sister here and below is a common term in ancient love poetry; it doesn't imply blood relation. my bride!
You have captured my heart with one glance from your eyes,
with one strand of your necklace.
10How beautiful is your loving, my sister, my bride!
Your loving is so much better than wine,
and your fragrance better than any perfume!
11Sweetness drops from your lips, my bride;
honey and milk are under your tongue,
and the fragrance of your garments
is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
12An enclosed garden is my sister, my bride;
an enclosed pool, a sealed spring.
13Your limbs are an orchard of pomegranates
with all kinds of luscious fruit,
henna, and spices:
14nard and saffron,
sweet cane and cinnamon,
with all scented woods,
myrrh, and aloes,
with the very choicest perfumes!
15You are a garden spring, a well of fresh water,
streams from Lebanon.
16Stir, north wind, and come, south wind!Blow upon my garden;
let its perfumes flow!
Let my love come to his garden;
let him eat its luscious fruit!