For the music leader. Do not destroy. A psalm of Asaph. A song.
1We give thanks to you, God. Yes, we give thanks!
Your name is near. Your marvelous deeds are declared.
2God says,#Heb lacks God says. "When I decide the time is right,
I will establish justice just so.
3The earth and all its inhabitants will melt,
but I will keep its pillars steady." Selah
4I said to the arrogant,
"Don’t be arrogant!"
To the wicked I said,
"Don’t exalt your strength!
5Don’t exalt your strength so highly.
Don’t speak so arrogantly against the rock."#LXX against God; MT speak with an arrogant neck
6Because what exalts someone
doesn’t come from the east or west;
it’s not from the south either.
7Rather it is God who is the judge.
He brings this person down,
but that person he lifts up.
8Indeed, there’s a cup in the LORD’s hand
full of foaming wine, mixed with spice.
He will pour it out,
and all of the earth’s wicked people
must drink it;
they must drink every last drop!
9But I will rejoice#LXX; MT I will declare always;
I will sing praises to Jacob’s God!
10God says:#Heb lacks God says.
"I will demolish every bit of the wicked’s power,
but the strength of the righteous will be lifted up."