Psalms 7
A shiggayon of David, which he sang to the Lord about Cush, a Benjaminite.
1I take refuge in you, LORD, my God.
Save me from all who chase me!
Rescue me!
2Otherwise, they will rip me apart,
dragging me off with no chance of rescue.
3LORD, my God, if I have done this—
if my hands have done anything wrong,
4if I have repaid a friend with evil
or oppressed a foe for no reason—
5then let my enemy
not only chase but catch me,
trampling my life into the ground,
laying my reputation in the dirt. Selah
6Get up, LORD; get angry!
Stand up against the fury of my foes!
Wake up, my God;#Or for my sake
you command that justice be done!
7Let the assembled peoples surround you.
Rule them from on high!#Correction; MT Come back to be exalted over them.
8The LORD will judge the peoples.
Establish justice for me, LORD,
according to my righteousness
and according to my integrity.
9Please let the evil of the wicked be over,
but set the righteous firmly in place
because you, the righteous God,
are the one who examines hearts and minds.
10God is my shield;
he saves those whose heart is right.
11God is a righteous judge,
a God who is angry at evil#Heb lacks at evil. every single day.
12If someone doesn’t change their ways,
God will sharpen his sword,
will bend his bow,
will string an arrow.
13God has deadly weapons in store
for those who won’t change;
he gets his flaming arrows ready!
14But look how the wicked hatch evil,
conceive trouble, give birth to lies!
15They make a pit, dig it all out,
and then fall right into the hole that they’ve made!
16The trouble they cause
will come back on their own heads;
the violence they commit
will come down on their own skulls.
17But I will thank the LORD
for his righteousness;
I will sing praises
to the name of the LORD Most High.
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