A psalm of David. For the memorial offering.
1Please, LORD, don’t punish me when you are mad;
don’t discipline me when you are furious.
2Your arrows have pierced me;
your fist has come down hard on me.
3There’s nothing in my body that isn’t broken
because of your rage;
there’s no health in my bones
because of my sin.
4My wrongdoings are stacked higher than my head;
they are a weight that’s way too heavy for me.
5My wounds reek; they are all infected
because of my stupidity.
6I am hunched over, completely down;
I wander around all day long, sad.
7My insides are burning up;
there’s nothing in my body that isn’t broken.
8I’m worn out, completely crushed;
I groan because of my miserable heart.
9Everything I long for is laid out before you, my Lord;
my sighs aren’t hidden from you.
10My heart pounds; my strength abandons me.
Even the light of my eyes is gone.
11My loved ones and friends keep their distance
from me in my sickness;
those who were near me now stay far away.
12Those who want me dead lay traps;
those who want me harmed utter threats,
muttering lies all day long.
13But I’m like someone who is deaf,
who can’t hear;
like someone who can’t speak,
whose mouth won’t open.
14I’ve become like a person
who doesn’t hear what is being said,
whose mouth has no good comeback.
15But I wait for you, LORD!
You will answer, my Lord, my God!
16Because I prayed:
"Don’t let them celebrate over me
or exalt themselves over me when my foot slips,"
17because I’m very close to falling,
and my pain is always with me.
18Yes, I confess my wrongdoing;
I’m worried about my sin.
19But my mortal enemies are so strong;
those who hate me for no reason seem countless.
20Those who give, repay good with evil;
they oppose me for pursuing good.
21Don’t leave me all alone, LORD!
Please, my God, don’t be far from me!
22Come quickly and help me,
my Lord, my salvation!