Psalms 145
Praise. Of David.
1I will lift you up high, my God, the true king.
I will bless your name forever and always.
2I will bless you every day.
I will praise your name forever and always.
3The LORD is great and so worthy of praise!
God’s greatness can’t be grasped.
4One generation will praise your works to the next one,
proclaiming your mighty acts.
5They will talk all about#LXX, Syr, DSS (11QPs a); MT and words of the glorious splendor of your majesty;
I will contemplate your wondrous works.
6They will speak of the power of your awesome deeds;
I will declare your great accomplishments.
7They will rave in celebration of your abundant goodness;
they will shout joyfully about your righteousness:
8"The LORD is merciful and compassionate,
very patient, and full of faithful love.
9The LORD is good to everyone and everything;
God’s compassion extends, to all his handiwork!"
10All that you have made gives thanks to you, LORD;
all your faithful ones bless you!
11They speak of the glory of your kingdom;
they talk all about your power,
12to inform all human beings about God’s power
and the majestic glory of God’s kingdom.
13Your kingdom is a kingship that lasts forever;
your rule endures for all generations.
The LORD is trustworthy in all that he says,
faithful in all that he does.#LXX, DSS (11QPs a), Syr; MT lacks these lines, but they correspond to the nun line in the alphabetic acrostic poem.
14The LORD supports all who fall down,
straightens up all who are bent low.
15All eyes look to you, hoping,
and you give them their food right on time,
16opening your hand
and satisfying the desire of every living thing.
17The LORD is righteous in all his ways,
faithful in all his deeds.
18The LORD is close to everyone who calls out to him,
to all who call out to him sincerely.
19God shows favor to those who honor him,
listening to their cries for help and saving them.
20The LORD protects all who love him,
but he destroys every wicked person.
21My mouth will proclaim the LORD’s praise,
and every living thing will bless God’s holy name
forever and always.
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